T-Team visits ESN Italy in Parma!

Members of your Travellution team escaped from rainy Paris for the weekend to visit ESN Italia in sunny Parma (Italy), the birthplace of prosciutto….

Giacomo, John and Giacomo in the train to Parma


We took advantage of our trip to discover the city and its main square.

Giacomo and John exploring the main square


We listened with interest to all of the upcoming initiatives being presented by the Erasmus Student Network of Italy.

Piattaforma Nazionale ESN Italia


We capped off our adventure by attending that night’s ESN party at club Positiva in Parma!

Travellution with ESN Italia @ Positiva


We look forward to ESN Italia’s next visit to Paris and we hope we can be as good of hosts to them as they were to us!

Travellution Team


The spring of Dreamtrips has reached Mashable

Paris, March 20th 2012

A fresh breeze through the trees, tulips in the park and sunshine streaming through the Travellution HQ windows: springtime in Paris has finally arrived!

With the weather has come the urge to start thinking about this year’s dream vacations. The start of this week was similar to other work weeks here at Travellution, but we nonetheless overheard people on their way to work start talking about their upcoming travels.

At the same time, on the other side of the world, we imagine the spring breeze was also inspiring San Francisco-based Mashable journalist Kate Freeman to write an article on new trendy websites for social travel. The Paris breeze must have reached her desk as household social travel names such as Couchsurfing and Gogobot were joined by Travellution!

Mashable about Travellution

Here at Travellution HQ we’ve had to put off thinking about our travel plans as we focus on ways to make your dream vacations this year better than ever. Keep your eyes peeled for our updated interface and some new functionalities which will shortly be released on the site. Also remember to check out your Travellution passport after every new country you visit to discover your stamp!

Thanks to all of our users for your support and feedback. For those adventurous travellers out there, we’ve got a surprise on the way launching mid-April. More details to follow!

Your Travellution Team

Introducing the Travellution passport

At the Travellution HQ, people are working hard every day to give you the best social travel experience and we’re proud to present the Travellution passport! The newest invention from our developer team is a modern take on a document all travellers know; the passport. Our version gives you the basic information you’re familiar with from the paper version including stamps for every destination you’ve visited so you can show your friends that you’re the number one globetrotter.

Travellin has his; have you got yours?
Fear not, if you’re like us and want to know what travel motto a user has, it’s only a click away. In addition to enhancing and bringing the standard user profile closer to the world of Dreamtrips, we’ve also added tabs for checking out a user’s friends and trips. It has never been easier to browse user trips, reconnect with friends and start dreaming. Create your next trip now, find your Tripmates, travel and you’ll be rewarded with one of our neat stamps.

As if that wasn’t enough, we’ve recently added a series of features from making it easier to sign up via Facebook and sharing photos via Flickr or Instagram, to importing the Foursquare checkins you’ve made on your latest trip. We hope you will love these new features as much as we do!

Happy travelling!

The Travellution Team

Plan Your Dream Vacation on Travellution

The Internet has drastically changed the way we plan for big trips. Researching, booking in advance, purchasing travel packages, and other vacation preparations are easier and quicker than ever thanks to the World Wide Web.

At Travellution, you follow a few simple steps to plan out the trip of a lifetime. Start with the “dreaming” process. Perhaps you’re not certain about where you want to travel. Travellution makes deciding easy for you! Simply research some of the most stunning destinations in the world – Tokyo, Germany, Paris, and London, to name a few. The possibilities are nearly endless! Once you’ve done some thinking, choose your dream vacation spot and move onto the next step.

Punta Cana - Santo Domingo

Then, you can plan your trip on Travellution and add events to your calendar. Maybe you’ll be visiting Tenerife, one of the most famous spots within the Canary Islands chain. Add snorkeling, volcanic trail hiking, and sunbathing to your itinerary. Or, perhaps your dream vacation will be in Italy. In that case, find the best ski lodge and bundle up tight – it’s cold outside!

The third step in the Travellution process is connecting with other travelers who are interested in visiting the same destinations as you by becoming Tripmates with them. Much like any other social networking site, Travellution allows you to interact and discuss travelling with other users who are hoping to visit their dream destination, as well. Share your interests, strike up a friendly conversation with your Tripmates and make your trip planning more social, more interactive and fun!

Maybe you’re hoping to travel overseas but you’re not sure if you want to do it alone. Travellution allows you to explore with the other avid travelers you’ve met online and become their “Tripmate,” or travel buddy. You will have a friend with which to enjoy the wonders of the new destination. The experience is much like hiring out a guide at a hostel – only both you and your Tripmate are visitors and equal tourists.

Sound like fun? You bet! Let your journey begin today at Travellution!

Your Travellution Team