A Few Travel Recommendations from a Trustworthy Source

Choosing a vacation destination can be tricky. Many different factors come into play. Looking for a few travel recommendations? The first thing you need to do is make a list of the top five places you would like to visit. After you have that list, establish the pros and cons for each location. For example, maybe Location One is on the beach, but it’s very expensive. Maybe Location Two is in the mountains, but it’s more affordable. Of course, the pro and con lists will be much longer, but this is just to give you a general idea. The amazing thing about pro and con lists is that they work. If any location has more cons than pros, it should be eliminated from contention.

After that step is complete, you’re most likely going to look for accommodations. For this it’s very important to pay careful attention to reviews and ratings. The ratings are often skewed because friends and family of the hotel management will post phony information. This happens a lot more than you think. If you have experience researching travel, it’s an easy pattern to detect. All you have to do is look for similar grammar in reviews, particularly punctuation use. This can all become annoying and time-consuming, which leads us to a much better option.

Instead of having to do all this research for attractions and accommodations, it’s a better idea to look into social network travel recommendations. The first benefit here is that you will have first-hand information from travelers. Since you have an opportunity to establish a relationship with the reviewer, their review has much more value than reading what someone just posted on a message board. It’s possible to communicate with someone on a message board, but it’s always in public, and it’s rarely more than one post. Therefore, you’re not going to establish any relationships.

By using travel recommendations on a social network, you’re building trustworthy relationships with others. That being the case, the information you receive on travel destinations is likely to be much more accurate than just searching for ratings and reviews on popular travel sites.

The Erasmus Dreamtrip: Win a 25-day trip around Europe with your friends!

Dear Travellutioners,

the summer is approaching, the sun is becoming stronger and we have a summer surprise for all of you! :) We have just launched the Erasmus Dreamtrip, an exciting travel game to win a trip in Europe! Born from a collaboration with our friends of the Erasmus Student Network Italia, Fiat, Nokia and Yatoo, the Erasmus Dreamtrip is the opportunity to win a fully paid 25-day trip around Europe. You can participate easily by selecting the type of trip you would like to win between Warm South and Mythical North and follow the instructions and suggestions in the website www.erasmusdreamtrip.com. And that’s not all: the Erasmus Dreamtrip wants to promote ecologically-sustainable travel. The winners will also have the opportunity to collaborate for one day with a NGO in one of the destinations visited. JOIN THE FUN!


The Erasmus Dreamtrip (www.erasmusdreamtrip.com) is a web competition for the two best planned and most followed trips on Travellution. This event is an unforgettable opportunity for Erasmus students, former Erasmus students and travel lovers everywhere to win a 25-day summer adventure of discovery in Europe. Aboard QUBO Fiat cars, and assisted along the way by the Erasmus Student Network (ESN) Italy, the winning teams will share their adventures with the world on dedicated pages on Travellution, while also promoting ecologically-sustainable travel. 

Read the complete press release.

Travellution Team

T-Team visits ESN Italy in Parma!

Members of your Travellution team escaped from rainy Paris for the weekend to visit ESN Italia in sunny Parma (Italy), the birthplace of prosciutto….

Giacomo, John and Giacomo in the train to Parma


We took advantage of our trip to discover the city and its main square.

Giacomo and John exploring the main square


We listened with interest to all of the upcoming initiatives being presented by the Erasmus Student Network of Italy.

Piattaforma Nazionale ESN Italia


We capped off our adventure by attending that night’s ESN party at club Positiva in Parma!

Travellution with ESN Italia @ Positiva


We look forward to ESN Italia’s next visit to Paris and we hope we can be as good of hosts to them as they were to us!

Travellution Team


The spring of Dreamtrips has reached Mashable

Paris, March 20th 2012

A fresh breeze through the trees, tulips in the park and sunshine streaming through the Travellution HQ windows: springtime in Paris has finally arrived!

With the weather has come the urge to start thinking about this year’s dream vacations. The start of this week was similar to other work weeks here at Travellution, but we nonetheless overheard people on their way to work start talking about their upcoming travels.

At the same time, on the other side of the world, we imagine the spring breeze was also inspiring San Francisco-based Mashable journalist Kate Freeman to write an article on new trendy websites for social travel. The Paris breeze must have reached her desk as household social travel names such as Couchsurfing and Gogobot were joined by Travellution!

Mashable about Travellution

Here at Travellution HQ we’ve had to put off thinking about our travel plans as we focus on ways to make your dream vacations this year better than ever. Keep your eyes peeled for our updated interface and some new functionalities which will shortly be released on the site. Also remember to check out your Travellution passport after every new country you visit to discover your stamp!

Thanks to all of our users for your support and feedback. For those adventurous travellers out there, we’ve got a surprise on the way launching mid-April. More details to follow!

Your Travellution Team