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Tripmates: the beginning of your travel revolution…

Tripmates…what does it mean to become Tripmates? It is something that occurs regularly when people travel. You meet new people or travel with ones you know, exchange ideas and share experiences.  It is not only the monuments, museums, landscapes and events that make your trip memorable, but also the people you share those experiences with. Sometimes these are the same people you organised your trip with, but sometimes it’s people you meet along the way. In the end, while the the Eiffel Tower will always be there and so will the waves of Hawaii, the people you meet and the experiences you share are unique.

What if you could connect to these people before going? What if there was a social network that not only included trip planning functionalities but also allowed you to connect with people sharing similar travel interests, thus opening the door to a social travel planning experience leading to unforgettable memories?

Tripmates are the answer.




Next time you’re thinking of planning a vacation, give it a shot, become Tripmates on Travellution and revolutionize the way you travel.

Here our video that explains why and how…


Your Travellution Team


Post-Launch Party flashbacks!

As many of you may know, last Thursday, Nov 3rd 2011, Travellution co-hosted a launch party at Paris’ Mix Club with the Paris Erasmus community. Now that the Travellution Team has recovered from what was an international, wild and travel-themed occasion, we thought we’d share with all of our readers how things went…

The Travellution Team showed up early before opening, decorating the inside of the club with flags and inflatable travel toys, as well as putting a large banner at the entrance to let all the party-goers know that Travellution was in the house!

By midnight the club was packed with over one thousand Erasmus students hailing from countries all over Europe!

Even Travellin, our mascot wizard and newest team member, showed up.

Our airline voucher drawing took place at 2am and 3 lucky winners each went home with a €100 airline ticket voucher.

All other party-goers were handed flyers with instructions on how to register themselves on Travellution for the next drawing of airline vouchers which will be taking place soon. The hardest part for the winners will be to decide which of their Dreamtrips to realize!

All in all we consider the party a tremendous success and we thank any of our readers who joined us for the party. We hope you had as much fun as we did. All the photos can be viewed here!

Your Travellution Team

Introducing Travellin, the magic Tripmate

When we first thought of introducing the Dreamtrip concept to Travellution we wanted to provide our users with a means of creating a dream vacation and then using Travellution’s social platform and tools to make it a reality. As the transition from dreams to reality often requires a little magic, we felt we needed someone who could guide our users through the process and so we put up a job opening.

Among the numerous applicants, one candidate stood out above all others…

His name is Travellin.


Half-man and half-magic, he told us he hails from a dream planet called Yorus, where all travel dreams are born.


“I can help transform Travellution users’ Dreamtrips into reality” he said. After seeing what he wore under his robe, we felt he would fit right in here at the office and he’s been with us ever since.

So, please welcome our new mascot, Travellin!

Want to join our team?

We wanted to reach out to our readers in case there’s a front-end web developer among you who would like to be part of our travel revolution. If you already enjoy our Travellution blog then we’re confident you’ll enjoy the team and the work environment even more. To find out more visit here and click on the “Jobs” label at the top. We look forward to welcoming you!

-The Travellution Team

P.S. Feel free to share with any of your friends who might be interested!

Photographers on welcome page: round 1

We would like to thank the photographers who contributed to the beautiful pictures currently being presented on the welcome page of Travellution: Davide Zucchini, Olga Shaverina and Clara Vannucci.

We recently had the opportunity to speak with two of them and they shared with us a bit about their travel experiences and their next Dreamtrips….



I am a political scientist, public policy practitioner, photography aficionado, movie fanatic, music addict and frenzied explorer. I grew up in Bologna before moving to Barcelona and now I live in the Dominican Republic. To me, Travelling is like capturing the time-lapse of life.  My Dreamtrip? Thailand (and it will soon become a reality!)



I always looks for terra incognita. After having visited numerous sights around Europe, I decided last year to push my geographical boundaries to South America with a one-month backpacking trip through Argentina and Bolivia. Friendships often inspire my travels – travelling to their country to share their culture, family and environment often brings us closer together. My next Dreamtrip? – India, and an Indian wedding! Onwards to discovery!