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Which traveller type are you?

Have you ever met an Organization Maniac Traveler??

For this type of traveller nothing should be left unplanned. These travelers organize their trips like an engineer’s flux diagram leaving only a few seconds to stop and take a breather:

“Oxford Circus at 12.00am, London Bridge at 13.45. Coffe pause of 30 minutes, bathroom (2 mins, depending on the cue…) and then British Museum until closure. Restaurant on Hanover St. and a cab to Piccadilly Circus at 10pm. Then hotel, brush teeth and sleep.”

They’re easy to spot because they generally walk around with about 500$ worth of travel guides and maps! They pick their sites and stops based on what they read in a book or, if they’re a little tech-savy, on Trip Advisor. They’ll probably spend 30% of their vacation queuing for the main tourist stops and will allow the opportunity of an authentic, interactive experience pass them by.

Another type of traveller is the Social Freestyler.

These travellers are generally much harder to spot. They adapt to the social environment of the country they are in and skip many of the big tourist spots (at least at prime hours) in order to live authentic experiences. While a third of their agenda may be based on guidebooks, they rather prefer friend suggestions, friend of friend connections and tips, and social interactions.

When trying to find the best restaurant, rather than go by what the guidebooks say (as inevitably they’ll end up seated next to tourists with the very same guidebooks) they’ll try to interact a bit with some locals and ask them:”Where do you take your best friends out for dinner?” This often leads to some pleasant culinary discoveries.

Here at Travellution, we tend to favor the second travellers approach. We feel tips towards authentic, enriching travel experiences don’t come from guidebooks but rather from people who live in or who have visited your travel destination. The best way to get the inside scoop for any travel destination is through social interaction! At Travellution, we want to offer our users to opportunity to interact with locals or fellow users who have travelled to these destinations and who have discovered the secret, “off-the-map” hotspots. We continue to work hard to bring Travellution to you as quickly as possible so that you can begin revolutionizing the way you travel.

Your Travellution Team